Heals and prices

In the Universe everything is Vibration And at the Beginning was the Sound… The Alchemy of the 7 metals of the Tibetan Bowls Resonates with the Heart of our Cells. I guide you with its Precious Instruments And with the Sacred Chants For a Deep Healing In the Sweetness…

Harmony Healing

30 min. + Sharing time before and after

Relaxing, Re-Harmonizing, Energetic Rebalancing.

55 euros

Release Healing

1h30 + Sharing time before and after

Liberation and Regeneration by Cellular Re-information so that you can be in Peace, Harmony and Balance in your Body as well as in your Mind.

88 euros

Re-Connexion Healing

2h + Sharing time before and after

To go deeper …

( Complete Healing of Re-Connexion to your being by the Cellular Re-Information )

155 euros

Energetic Healing to distance

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